Active Learning



Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Education has initiated Active Learning Programme for the students  studying in Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Swami Shivananda Higher Secondary School (Girls Wing) on 13.07.2022. The students studying in classes 6th to 8th are engaged in Active learning classes by applying active learning strategies in the teaching learning process of Mathematics and Science subjects and extended to 9th students as well.

The students were engaged in Active learning classes once in a week for the time period of 90 minutes in each subject.  So far students were engaged in 49 active learning classes in Mathematics and 48 classes in Science from the date of initiation.

Science subject is handled by Sri N. Rajesh Kumar, Assistant Professor in Biological Science and Mathematics is handling by Sri V. Eswaran, Assistant Professor in Mathematics. Faculty members use simulations, augmented reality, mixed reality problem based activities and experiential learning in teaching subject specific concepts that stimulates the interests of the students and made them active participation in the classes that enrich the higher order thinking skills and students in the Active Learning Classes. In Active Learning methodology, students learn the concepts and core of the subjects practically by doing activities with lab articles, models and simulations like PhET, GeoGebra and OLABS etc.,

The Active Learning methodology is a modern classroom concept, which emphasis the 21st century skills among the students by adopting the following strategies, lab articles, models and ICT Tools.

The strategies used in Active Learning class,

Peer teaching activities Simulation Based Learning
Team Teaching Think-Pair-Share
Game-based learning One minute paper
In-class demonstrations Group discussion
Jigsaw methods Flipped Classroom
Augmented Reality (AR) Mixed Reality (MR)